Heat resistant conveyor belt

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt. Our range of conveyor belts are highly appreciated by our clients due to its heat resistance feature and availability in various sizes and designs. These are dimensionally accurate as per international standards.  
Heat resistant conveyor belt can be divided into three types according to working temperature range: HRT-1 ≤100°C, HRT-2≤125°C, HRT-3≤150°C.
1. Cement Clinker
2. Coke Plants
3. Hot Powdery Materials
4. Sintered Ore
5. Steel Mills
6. Taconite Pellets

Special Features of Each Grade:

Grade Special Features
HRT-1 HRT-1grade heat resistant belt is premium quality SBR rubber compound with very good abrasion resistance and heat resistance to handle hot materials up to 100ºC. This Grade belt is highly resistant to variety of heat applications and good service for iron ore, pellets, casting sand, coke and limestone etc.
HRT-2 HRT-2 grade is an SBR Based compound features excellent heat resistance which is designed to carry hot loads materials with non-cracking property. This belt is most suitable for the materials such as cement products, limestone, clay, slag, etc.
HRT-3 HRT-3 grade are the highest quality conveyor belt available for maximum heat resistance. Cover rubber is specially formulated with EPDM rubber.
  To provide extreme heat resistance and ply adhesion for the applications to handle hot cement, clinker, phosphate, hot sintered ore and hot chemical, fertilizer, etc.

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